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Each of our projects is designed to establish or maintain a site's unique sense of place. We believe that design has the ability, the responsibility to serve as more than mere architectural decoration. A good site design will raise the level of consciousness and will enrich the lives of the people that inhabit it. We apply this belief to every project that we undertake, because each endeavor is unique, and every site has a different story to tell.

Technical Experience:

  • Project Management, Town and State approvals coordination, and Construction Monitoring.
  • Stormwater Management: including water quantity and quality design issues, stormwater runoff calculations using TR-55, Hydrocad, culvert and storm drain pipe sizing, design of runoff control structures, and drainage reports.
  • Erosion and sedimentation control management and design including reports.
  • Roadway Design, including profiles and construction documents. All design and plan preparation were prepared using AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018.
  • Utility design: including water service extensions and service to buildings, sewage collection systems including pump stations, gas, telephone, cable, and electric layout design and coordination with the respective utility company. 
  • Site Grading and drainage including parking lot design and setting building floor elevations.
  • Parking and traffic circulation design; including town ordinance spacing requirements, trailer truck circulation and access requirements, ingress and egress, signage, pedestrian access including implementing ADA standards.
  • Prepare necessary applications and documents to earn local approvals from town and municipalities, present projects to the Planning Board for approval.           
  • Prepare necessary applications and supporting documents to earn state approvals including DEP’s stormwater management permit, site location and development permit, Natural resource protection permits including permit by rule and wetland fill permits.
  • Prepare construction plans and bid sets for contractor pricing and construction.
  • Construction monitoring and inspection
  • Coordination with other members of the design team including owners, architects, surveyors, soil scientists, traffic engineers, geotechnical engineers, etc.
  • Residential Lot coordination and construction
  • As-builts, construction layout, topographic surveyors
  • Setting and transferring GPS points location and control
  • FEMA Flood Certificates and LOMA (Letter of map amendments) applications, submissions, and approvals.

exceptional quality site planning and design 

With a reputation for engineering excellence, Belanger Engineering works closely with each client and official for the best results.

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River Landing

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