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We use Maine Erosion and Sedimentation Control Best Management Practices issued by Maine DEP to design and control erosion from leaving the development project.  The link to the erosion control bmp’s issued by the state of Maine web site is shown below.

We understand the environmental laws and why erosion control is needed. We are experts in erosion and sediment control materials, vegetative stabilization, slope stabilization, culvert installation, ditch stabilization and erosion control planning. 

Our construction projects include temporary erosion measures that the contractor will utilize during construction including sediment traps, silt fence, hay bales, erosion control mix, mulch, and more.  The plans also define permanent erosion control measures such as seeding rates, slope stability, drainage swale stabilization, and storm drain and culvert outlet protection.

Maine  Erosion & Sedimentation Control
Best Management Practices

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